A bigger home for art in Nicaragua

On November 10th, Fundación Ortiz-Gurdián inaugurated Casa Deshón,  the  fourth house that became part of their art center in the colonial city of León, Nicaragua.  The event also served the purpose of re-launching this art center as the “art headquarters” of Nicaragua.

 Over 500 people attended the inauguration, in a mixture of artists, government representatives, diplomats, businessmen, media people and the general public.

 Located right at the heart of the city, the art center is the biggest museum of Central America, and the quality and number of works that are on exhibit has no rival in the region.

Sala IV, Sala Principal Casa Norberto Ramírez               Sala III, Arte Clásico, estilo Barroco y Rococo

 While Casa Deshon itself portraits contemporary art, with the exhibition of works of art that have won the Nicaraguan and Central American Visual Arts Biennials; a visit to the four houses that make up the art center can take the visitor in a trip through Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic all the way to contemporary art.

 Each of the four houses were built between the XVIII and XIX centuries, and have been restored with mindful respect of all the architectural details of that time, allowing the center’s visitors to admire Leon’s original architecture with its ample corridors, huge rooms and breathtaking gardens.

 The art center was open to the public on December 2000, with the inauguration of Casa Norberto Ramírez.  Then, in November 2002 Casa Derbyshire was opened to the public, with Casa Delgadillo added in 2006 and the most recent addition was Casa Deshon that has opened its doors this month.

For more information, visit: www.fundacionortizgurdian.org